Lovely encounter today, the adorable green eyed Denisse


I didn’t write for long time now, but today I want to share with you a lovely discover I just made.

Coming on LJ to see if some of my friends were there I saw a model attracting my eye… Denisse. I jumped into her room and after usuals greetings i started to talk with her a bit as it was slow this morning for her.

The music playing there (It was Jazz) made me feel to dig deeper and I’ve discovered a charming and sensitive woman.

Her moves are sensual and she can talk about many things with attention and, at least I think it, with real interest.

Well if you want to spend a very good time with a sexy and busty ( she want to be in this category and obviously she belong to it) woman don’t look further, she is sweetness, delicacy and subtlety…

it was a real good morning sweetie !! thank you !! kisses.

Enjoy !!

Monday July 22 2019 at 2:08 PM

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 By CamGirlsNews

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Oh cool girl hehe

Leah11 September 2019

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