Publisher area for models


The publisher area for models is now up and running! We are proud to introduce you a tool we tried to make as easy as possible to use.

After registering, this backend for models will offer you services for promoting your activity the way you want.

Manage your profile page

You are free to personalize and update your profile page at any moment. You can add any infos you want to be listed on:

  • Socials networks,
  • your blog,
  • your free or paid website,
  • you professional email,
  • your instant messengers,
  • What ever ou want!

You can add any fields you need, each model has her own profile form that can be personalized.

Manage your profileNew field just addedDeleting a custom field

Countries blocking system

You can block any countries from your profile settings page and then prevent visitors from these countries to see your pages and content.

Countries blocking settings example


Publish your news and events

Feel free to publish your fresh news or upcoming event to let know to everybody what happens in your activity.

For instance, it can be a new contest or raffle show or a new video to buy…

Don’t bother of the size of images you will add, this is computed by the system to fit the available place. You can of course add any link you want to promote.

All your posts will be attached to your profile and displayed in the “news” section.

Create stunning images galleries

Creating great and pretty galleries has never been as simple as it is with our tool. Just drag and drop your images files from your computer’s folder, type the titles you want, select the pic you wish as thumbnail, submit, and “voilà” !!

Upload by drag n dropImages sorting by drag and dropDisplayed gallery

Videos hosting

Host your videos teasers on camgirlsnews and never be afraid again to get banned from an hosting website that is not that into adult content!

As for galleries, just drop your video file on the drop zone and let the system encode your video in the proper formats, even for mobiles devices.

Drag n drop a videoVideo encoding, even for mobiles devicesEncoded and ready to publish


RegisterSee you on the publisher area…

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