My Shy and Charming Cam Model MShy


I haven’t write something new for months, but i have to share a short story….

Even if I didn’t update this site for long time, I still go from time to time to say hello to some models I’ve encounter.

One day, I’ve discover a new model on LJ, a magnificent brunette called Mshy, exactly my type of woman…. Tall, sexy, with a smile to die for, and don’t talk to you about her stunning body… sshhh!

And more of that, she is a Sagittarius, she has sense of humor, I love how she act when embarrassed, a delicate, sensitive and classy lady to say short….

The things are as they are, difficult to create true personals links in that cam industry, the rules, the fears of models, the distance, so many factors that keep people far from each other.

But I’ve try to let her know my interest, my honest interest and bring her to start more personal interaction.

That’s a sad story, because she didn’t dare, I guess we’ll never go more far.

Life is short M. What ever it arrives, you’ll stay in my memory…

Your french lover F.

Wednesday January 18 2017 at 5:42 PM


 By CamGirlsNews


Hi Miryam, It’s a pleasure, I’m glad too ;) Kiss too

CamGirlsNews24 February 2017

Thank you so much for this wonderful story, i think you described me perfectly, only a good friend would know this :) I’m glad I met you..kiss you

Miryam24 February 2017

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