So, my story about becoming an webcam model started quit simply.
One day, while i was at my real job, i was searching something about women`s stuff
on internet and they just open me a site with webcam models on my search, so i was stopping 1 minute to figure out what that means.
Well, in that day were enought a few houres to read about this webmodel stuff and guess what it was a big CHALLENGE to me.
If i told u guys i started to do this cause of my bad financial situation it means i`m lying, not cause i`m a very rich person but still…so as u see i took it as a challenge.
Well here starts the entire adventure..
When i started i knew how open minded woman i am and how desired i am in real life by men, but i wanted to proove myself that i can do this in virtual life also.When i started i saw that many guys asking about absurd things and i saw i didn`t know even half of what can mean and what can be a plesure of a guy.I can`t say what guys ask are normall or abnormal cause i made a deal with me when i started to be an webcam model: not to judge anyone pleasures even if they are normal or strange.
And now sometimes it`s not easy tosay “no” but i learned to say it when i`m not confortable with it.
All i understood till now,for a few month of cam modelling it`s i have to keep learning and not only to understand things. All of those cause my biggest wish is that i can give the greatest tease, to seduce and even if i`m not doing it in a professional way (i`m still in the begining) at least i become very confident in me. I didn`t feel unconfortable and when i feel like this about some things to do, about my image, cause i`m doing it from my own house, not doing real dates, so all it remaines it`s the pleasure of having fun,
making friends, sharing some sexy moments and, why not, earning some extra money (don`t forget i`m a woman and i love
I can`t say i`m very experimented in this but i know that i keep doing it, reading forums, study many models profile, learning all the time, cause every thing i do in my life i like first to understand it second to experimented it.
Well as u see, i start to be an webcam model cause was a challenge for me and now i just want to become good in it, not professional but good.
The bad part of me doing webcam it`s that i have a full 8 hours job in my real life, so it means a little much effort cause when i come in night on web i want to be in perfect shape and great mood for u guys.
But i hate to complaine and i never discuss about my problems on Myfreecam (MFC), cause i know i`m just u`re actrisse in ur moovie, and all i wanna give u are fun full of joy, sexy momemnts, not just me nervouse, sad or begging. No way, even if sometimes as i saw it would helped me if i did it, but not my style.
Well this was my story about the begining of be an webcam model.
Kisses from ALEXIA (A.)

Sunday July 14 2013 at 8:41 PM

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