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Successful webmaster for 10 years in the publication of mainstream sites, I decided to join the adult internet industry.
Considering the adult webcam industry is the most interesting, I decided to devote a magazine to that.


Camgirlsnews is proud to claim to be the magazine about the best cam girls in adult internet industry.

What does that mean?

Girls who loves this job, friendly and playful, invested in their business, in one word, passionates.

We favor a classy content, good pictures, preferably artistics, video quality, original informations, in short everything that interests quality visitors fan of camgirls.

Visitor, you will find your favorite camgirls news, profiles, videos, photo galleries. Program also includes information on webcams sites, promotions, notices, comparative …

Cam models, this website is made for you!

CamGirlsNews is a web magazine and a collaborative website about and for the adult webcam models. We provide models an easy way to promote their business on a classy website. Publish your news, events, galleries and videos teasers easily.

Increase you internet visibility. Promote yourself.
Publish whatever you want about your business :

  • Video teaser,
  • Photos galleries examples,
  • Yours news,
  • Your links : blog, socials network, etc…

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Introducing the publisher area

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Take my pictures off your website I’m no cam model anymore Aprilxxxadams.

Aprilxxxadams30 May 2017

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Thanks for creating this great site for us cam girls. You have some grammar issues, though. Email me if you would like me to help edit your pages to ensure the spelling and grammar is correct on all of them. I have a college degree and have impeccable spelling and grammar skills. :)

Raven Skye19 December 2013

I wanna join!

cyn29 September 2012

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